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Planning and Placement Team (PPT) Process and Individualized Education Program Language and Communication Plan for Deaf or Hard of Hearing Students General Education, Special Education, Section 504 Students, EL Students  SST Process and Flowchart. 5. Support the referring teacher through the process: follow-up within first week to Complete documentation for a 504 plan. 15.

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14  Objectives. Inform the faculty of SAU #21 schools about the 504 process by introducing the 504 Process Flow Chart First civil rights law for individuals with. Appendix N: IDEA & Section 504 Flow Chart 47. Appendix O: Use of Likewise, if a parent refuses an initial 504 plan, the district may not implement that plan. are provided prior to initial evaluation, during reevaluation, with the 504 Plan, and during any Please refer to CISD flow chart on the next two pages. Obtain consent for initial evaluation.

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504 Plan Flowchart. Section 504 Process Flow Chart ³Parent Rights´ and Receipt of Parent/Student Rights.

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." Special Education Eligibility/Initial and Reevaluation Determination.

Initial 504 process flowchart

Initial/Re Evaluations: This one doesn’t happen as often as the other parts, but it is very important.
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If you encounter errors in formatting or structure that prevent you from accessing the content in this document, please contact the webmaster. For more information, read the Agency of Education Web and Document Accessibility Policy. Figure 5 Flowchart symbols per ISO standard 5807: 1985 (ISO 2015) 15 Figure 6 Vertical swim lane process flow (CS Odessa 2016b) 16 Figure 7 Opportunity flowchart (SmartDraw Software 2017b) 17 Figure 8 Effective process flow (Textographo 2016) 20 Figure 9 Standard process flowchart provided by Lucidchart as a template upon sign up 21 So here they are–the 5 components of the IEP process that parents must participate in. 5 Things Every Parent must do in the IEP Process.

This policy applies to all student requests for accommodations under the ADA and Section 504. Policy The Interactive Process Between the College and the Student. A. General.
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504 Plan is uploaded into Synergy by 504 Site Coordinator 7. 504 Plan (forms include 504 -1 –504 4) is sent to: SF, CA 94116 ATTN: District 504 Coordinator 504 TEAM DETERMINES STUDENT IS INELIGIBLE FOR 1. Copy of Parent and Student Rights (504-2) are given to parent/guardian 2. 504 Process ends 3.

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